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Timeless rings for the modern woman

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Timeless rings for the modern woman - Eclat by Oui Blog

The modern woman is not afraid to break the traditional mould nor is she inclined to rebel against it. She knows to reach for the finest jewellery which resonates with her regardless of its material, price or the status it perpetuates. The modern woman is not held captive by brands or the desire to conform, she is driven by what sparks an interest within her. The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to test the boundaries of traditions and social expectations; subsequently, the jewellery she adorns reflect this. Here are some of the timeless rings that may capture the spirit and heart of a modern woman.

Heavenly Halo Settings

A halo is the perfect way to dress up a classic ring. A halo encircles a centrepiece diamond with smaller diamonds. Its setting allows varying creative styles which may spark joy in the modern woman. The style of encircling a diamond with smaller diamonds is useful for small centrepiece diamonds as it creates an illusion of a larger diamond. With slight adjustments, a halo can be set to emulate the style of a flower or follow the silhouette of the diamond cut. A halo setting is the perfect choice for the modern woman as it lends itself to endless creative ways for her to mould as she sees fit. Eclat by Oui’s Desiree is a breathtaking example of a heavenly halo setting; a magnificent stone cut in the shape of a teardrop enclosed by a halo of delicate stones.  

Sweetheart Ring

A ring suited for the romantics of the world, the sweetheart ring encapsulates the notion of naïve love. Cut in the shape of a perfect heart, the ring indulges in the feminine side of a woman. It’s a simple design which carries the essence of everlasting love. Ava at Eclat by Oui, captures perfectly the gentle nature of a classic sweetheart ring. The stone is carefully cut into a symmetrical heart and held to the spotlight by two diamonds tapered to its side. An essential ring for those who dream often of a happily ever after.


A solitaire diamond ring is the classic ring that comes to mind; it’s a show-stopping single stone classically accompanied by a band made of precious metals. It’s an elegant, fuss-free ring which may resonate with those that appreciate the simple things in life. For the modern woman who craves a less understated design, a solitaire diamond ring band can be lined with smaller diamonds or it can be complemented with additional rings. Our very own Eclat Classic pays homage to the traditional design with a single radiant stone that ranges from a 1 to 3 carat equivalent. The band is a stunning silver that features a sharp edge to encourage a subtle radiance in the light.

At Eclat by Oui, we understand the significance of a ring; the style, material and setting all work together to tell a story. We believe that each ring should resonate with the story you want to tell. Therefore, we’ve curated a collection of rare and classic designs which will satisfy the desires of varying women. Take the time to sift through our exquisite collection today and we’re confident you’ll find something that steals your heart.

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