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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Éclat's jewellery made of?

Éclat's stones are made of the highest grade diamond simulant and are manufactured with exquisite workmanship in Hong Kong. It resembles very closely to a naturally mined diamond as each of our stones are hand cut and polished to a standard befitting to its quality. Many jewellers have difficulty telling our stones apart from naturally mined diamond due to its impressive optical characteristics. Each stone is carefully sawed, bruited and polished by our master craftsmen.  

Most of our ring bands are made of 925 sterling silver triply plated with 950 platinum, unless otherwise stated.

2. Does Éclat have a physical shop?
Unfortunately, Éclat only operates online at the moment. We do not have a physical shop present at the moment.

3. How long do I have to wait before my order arrives?

For Singapore orders, it will take about 3 weeks.
​For International orders, it will take about 4 weeks.

4. Do you offer rings in 18K white gold?

Yes, we do. Kindly email us, prices start from 850 SGD.

5. Do you offer rings in 950 platinum?

Yes, we do. Kindly email us, prices start from 850 SGD.

6. My ring isn't shiny anymore, what can I do?

We recommend customers to clean their rings once every week. For immediate remedies, you can use a soft toothbrush with dishwashing liquid and water to gently brush the ring. Please avoid harsh chemicals such as hairspray, lotion and chlorine. Just like any fine jewelry, it can damage the surface of the ring. 

If you would like your ring to be cleaned professionally by us, simply drop us an email to notify us and we will clean your rings, at no charge at all! Customers only pay for the postage to us and Éclat will pay for return postage. 

7. There seems to be a defect on my jewellery, what do I do?

Éclat takes absolute pride in our rings and jewelry and promise you a life of durability of the products. If you believe that there is a manufacturing defect, kindly send us an email with at least 2 photos of the defect.

If we determine that the product is caused by a manufacturing defect, we will repair the item or if deemed appropriate, replace an item. However, if we determine that it is not caused by a manufacturing defect but due to wear and tear, we will notify you of the cost of repairing the ring. ​

Some examples of common jewelry issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:

  • The discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals, make-up, immersion in pools and hot tubs, or bathing
  • Prongs catching, wearing out, or bending over time due to everyday wear or normal damage, allowing a gemstone to fall out.
  • The loss of a gemstone caused by damage from everyday wear or from other damage.

8. I dropped my jewellery and the stones fell out, help!

All Éclat's products have a lifetime product warranty. Drop us an email if that happens and do not fret! We offer repair or refurbishing of your rings with a small service fee of 50 SGD for all rings. 

9. What if the size does not fit?

If you find that your ring is not the right size, let us know as soon as possible. We offer all Éclat customers a one-time complimentary resizing.

To claim a resizing service, please follow these steps:

    1. Email us within 14 days upon receiving your merchandise. You will be given resizing instructions and a return address. 
    2. Send the package via traceable carrier so that you can track your package if necessary. You will be contacted by our customer representatives via your email address once we receive the ring for resizing.
    3. Resizing will take about 2 weeks or more.

Original postage costs will not be reimbursed, nor will return postage costs, unless the item(s) are faulty or not as ordered. In this instance, postage will be incurred by Éclat by Oui. Please contact customer service to organise prepaid postage. 

10. What is the exchange policy?

For all returns and exchange, please contact us at within 14 days of receiving your order. Kindly indicate your order number and reason and we will follow up from there.

11. Where do we ship to?

We ship worldwide!

12. What are your shipping services and rates like?

We offer complimentary shipping for all Singapore & Malaysia customers with tracking.

Worldwide shipping at a flat rate of SGD$25 with tracking.

13. When do I know my order is ready for delivery?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a notification email with tracking number.