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"Éclat" means great brilliance and display in French.

Founded in 2017, Eclat by Oui is known for our exquisite travel jewellery. We understand how precious heirloom jewellery can be, we also understand the need to look impeccable during your vacation. This is why we are committed to creating jewellery that you can wander the globe with. Using traditional fine jewellery techniques, our team is obsessed with delivering unrivalled quality in the realm of destination jewellery.

We are confident that you will love our jewellery.

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Lab-grown diamonds

Since June 2024, we have included the option of lab-grown diamonds to our collection.

We recognise GIA as the foremost grading authority in the world. Hence, we invest in GIA-certified diamonds because quality matters. Prioritising optimal scintillation and perfectly balanced silhouettes, our team meticulously handpicks only the finest diamonds.


The Éclat Difference

Every Éclat by Oui piece is an artwork.

Our diamond simulants are precision-cut by master craftsmen. Each stone is meticulously handcrafted to reveal its captivating, kaleidoscopic brilliance. With a hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s scale, our diamond simulants are comparable to the hardness of a natural Ruby or Sapphire gemstone.

Founder's Favourite

HeartWear 4 Link Earrings YG - Eclat by Oui
KNOT Alone® Bangle (Yellow Gold) with Pave Stones (Model) - Eclat by Oui
Éclat Tennis Bracelet WG - Eclat by Oui
Detachable Cloud Link Earrings GIF - Eclat by Oui

This is Éclat


Inspired by the ageless spirit of modern femininity.

With an emphasis on elegance, refinement and considered details, we want our jewellery to be loved by and lived in.

Ethel Neo - Founder of Eclat by Oui

Perfect for travelling and beyond.

Éclat by Oui first came about when our founder, Ethel Neo, lost her engagement ring in Hong Kong. Disappointed and traumatised, she decided to look into a luxurious yet guilt-free diamond alternative.


Worn in place of your heirloom piece

We understand how precious heirloom jewellery can be and the importance of styling your outfits. Here at Éclat, we are committed to creating luxurious jewellery that you can wander the globe with.

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For every order made, we plant one tree with One Tree Planted.


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