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Review of Annabelle in Lilac

High quality and very shiny. Saving up for my second purchase! Very pleased with my first purchase.

Chloe 1 carat

Love the ring and its shine! Can’t tell the difference, definitely money well spent!


delivery was faster and expected. love the earrings i got. such a unique and pretty piece.

Absolutely stunning!

Lost my engagement ring and chanced upon èclat ring on instagram. Took a while for me to buy it and i must say its the best decision ever! Thank u

Annabelle in Pink

Annabelle in Pink Ear Studs

Loving the earring and definitely a master piece.
Love how it’s sparkles...
Am considering my second purchase soon.

Annabelle in Pink

The best purchase ever, received so many compliments for the bling and the good workmanship! Totally in love

Eclat Jennifer

2nd ring from Eclat. Square and nice. Just love the shine...

Eclat Classic Ring

First time purchase from Eclat with friend's recommendation. Very nice and classic.

Love the ring! It is really pretty!

Big and bright

Very well made indeed. Looks gorgeous under the lights due to its size. Worth the money for a pair of diamond simulant earrings. Hope that the shine can last as long as a real diamond.

I'm in love - Diana 2 Carat

My very first eclatbyoui and I am so pleased with my purchase!
Am already looking for a second ring to add on to my collection!

Éclat Classic

This ring is super bling! Love the sparkles & it matches well with any outfits. I'm wearing US size 4.5 on my right ring finger. This is my 3rd purchase & more to come! :)

Beautifully designed ring

Love the ring, sparkles really nice and beautifully designed ring!

Annabelle in Pink

Quite impressed by the workmanship and quality of the diamond. It’s on the more pricey end of diamond simulants but you’re paying for the assurance of their handiwork. The pink has different intensity under different lighting conditions.

Bloom Ring

Love the ring, sparkles really nice and looks elegant!

Classic that you can't go wrong with!

Simple classy design that you can't go wrong with. I got the 1ct one. Initially couldn't decide and decided to go with the bigger bling. Arrived very quickly in a couple of days (I suppose cos it was in stock?) and wore it to work the next few days. Got a few compliments. A colleague wore a similar pair of earrings but in 0.5ct size and hers are real diamonds. She commented how mine was very pretty thinking they were real diamonds too. :)

Good quality!

Love my MIA 2 carat ring! So classy and sparkly, suits everyday wear!


Received my first eclat ring! Arrived within two weeks and it looks gorgeous and bright! Comparable to my engagement ring too! Simply no regrets and am in love with it :)

So beautiful!

I've been eyeing this ring for awhile and I was so excited when I finally got. Got it in 1 carat and it looks great stacked alongside my other rings. :)
[I've been wearing it rather frequently but I still can't get over how beautifully it sparkles under sunlight!]

Gorgeous ring!

Excited about wearing this beautiful ring, super glitzy! Great for trying out a "different" style from the usual round diamonds. Affordable and beautiful. I purchased the 1ct Jessica.

Love the sparkles

The ring looks bigger than 1 carat, maybe because of the 6 prong setting. Really love how the diamond sparkles! A fraction of the price of my real engagement ring!

So bling!

Really thrilled when I received the ring as it was so beautiful! I compared with my diamond ring and couldn’t tell the difference. Now I won’t be afraid of losing my proposal ring as I can wear this Annabelle ring daily :D

Luminate in Pink

The Athena is gorgeous. Love the make and quality. Thank you

Athena ring

The ring is beautiful. Setting was great and the stone is brilliant.