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Diamond simulants are an innovative blessing; they appear visually indifferent to the coveted diamond but circumvent the frivolous price tag and moral dilemmas that come with it. To most people, the process to achieving the perfect diamond simulant is shrouded in mystery. Don’t take our word for it though, take the time to read through this article and understand how diamond simulants are created. The confidence in our product will then follow.    Laboratory Made At Eclat by Oui, our journey to creating the most exquisite diamond simulants begin in the depths of our Hong Kong factory. Our diamond simulants are made from a mixture of the highest purity zirconium dioxide in its crystalline form. It is professionally stabilized by...

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When it comes to diamond simulants, there’s a common misconception that all available products provide the same qualities. It is easy to believe that all diamond simulants are made equally, the only difference being the price tag. However, the creation of fine jewellery with the centrepiece of a carefully created diamond simulant is a skilled art. More often than not, cheap diamond simulants involve flimsy material which break at the slightest pressure. Investing in high quality diamond simulant jewellery over cheap, breakable jewellery is the most economically strategic thing to do. Here are three reasons why you should invest in good quality diamond simulants, such as the ones we provide at Eclat by Oui. 1. Quality Similar to diamonds, diamond...

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Picking the perfect pair of earrings is an art dependent on various aspects. At Eclat by Oui, we offer a wide range of luxurious and timeless jewellery that will complement a variety of different personalities and occasions. We’ve pooled our time and energy into creating the most exquisite designs for you, spanning from classic 4 prong ear studs to more glamorous dangling earrings. We want to ensure that the process of picking your perfect pair of earrings is a carefree one instead of a daunting affair. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of three things you should keep in mind when perusing our specially curated collection.  1. Your Face Shape Since earrings frame your face, it’s no surprise that the shape...

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The jewellery you own is a precious and significant part of your life. It resonates with you as a person and signifies key moments in your life. Therefore, it is important that you care for your jewellery the way you would any other treasure. However, sending jewellery to be professionally cleaned can be an expensive and inconvenient affair not many can indulge in. While professional cleaning may be inevitable for old and beloved jewellery, it is possible to prolong the period between each clean by properly caring for your jewellery. Furthermore, there are plenty inexpensive ways you can care for your jewellery in the comfort of your own home. Caring for your jewellery on a daily basis will ensure that...

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Timeless rings for the modern woman

The modern woman is not afraid to break the traditional mould nor is she inclined to rebel against it. She knows to reach for the finest jewellery which resonates with her regardless of its material, price or the status it perpetuates. The modern woman is not held captive by brands or the desire to conform, she is driven by what sparks an interest within her. The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to test the boundaries of traditions and social expectations; subsequently, the jewellery she adorns reflect this. Here are some of the timeless rings that may capture the spirit and heart of a modern woman. Heavenly Halo Settings A halo is the perfect way to...

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