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Timeless rings for the modern woman

The modern woman is not afraid to break the traditional mould nor is she inclined to rebel against it. She knows to reach for the finest jewellery which resonates with her regardless of its material, price or the status it perpetuates. The modern woman is not held captive by brands or the desire to conform, she is driven by what sparks an interest within her. The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to test the boundaries of traditions and social expectations; subsequently, the jewellery she adorns reflect this. Here are some of the timeless rings that may capture the spirit and heart of a modern woman. Heavenly Halo Settings A halo is the perfect way to...

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Why women are going Crazy over Éclat by Oui’s Diamond Simulants

The age-old saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ comes to mind whenever we think of fine jewellery. However, when diamonds are unethically sourced and exorbitantly priced, diamond simulants become a girl’s best friend. While naturally-mined diamonds have dominated the fine-jewellery market, the modern woman knows that diamond simulants provide superior jewellery at a rare price. Fine-jewellery denotes luxury, elegance and class; it is not confined to specific materials such as diamonds. Even the celebrities we focus on, adorn themselves in diamond simulants for red carpet events as they possess qualities akin to those of diamonds. At Eclat by Oui, we encourage our clients to indulge in our range of diamond simulants that are indistinguishable from naturally-mined diamonds. Our diamond...

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“Instead of blessings, our diamonds bring us nothing but misfortune,” says Zacharie Mamba, head of the provincial capital Tshikapa’s, mining division. According to the Times, thousands of miners have lost their lives to search for diamonds to fund for genocidal and brutal civil wars. These civil wars started in 1991 and continued until 2002 causing people to suffer killings, rape, torture and abduction. All committed by rebel groups. There were growing concerns over the sale of rough and uncut diamonds that were used to fund the atrocious acts of warlords in the civil wars of Angola and Sierra Leone, which inspired the 2006 film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Subsequently, the Kimberley Process was formed to meet these apprehensions just...

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“True love is undying and eternal”. The eternity band is the perfect representation to mark this powerful notion. Eternity bands are designed to symbolise an individual’s ultimate commitment to a significant other. The stones encompassing the entire band have no beginning and no end signifying the idea of a complete love. Unquestionably, it probes on the idea of eternity – the riveting duration that the couple will be together. It commemorates the idea of everlasting love transcending time and spatial boundaries. It proves to be a flawless emblem of a couple’s dedication to one another, no matter the era in which they venture on their pursuit of love. The eternity band, also known as an infinity ring, worn on the...

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