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Mother's Day 2023

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Heart of a Mother

The purest form of love; the love a Mother has for her children is one of the most powerful forces in the world. From providing unconditional love to sacrificing their own needs, a mother's heart is known to be an inexhaustible source of love and strength. This Mother’s Day, we speak to 3 mums to find out what inspires them.

Joanna Goy

Mother of 3, Stage 3A lung and metastatic brain cancer survivor and founder of Singapore Lactation Bakes

Joanna Goy and her 3 daughters

In 2019, Joanna received news that she had stage 3A lung cancer (with a survival rate of only 30%). Determined to survive the cancer for her children, she began aggressive Radiation, Chemo, and Immunotherapy treatments for the next 1 year and 4 months.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of my children not having a Mother to care for them, so I told myself I have to survive. And in a way this is how my children had given me the strength to carry on.” 

After fighting long and hard with lung cancer, Joanna transitioned into remission. However, last year, Joanna found out that she developed metastatic brain cancer and this time, her survival rate was only 6%.

 Upon receiving the news, Joanna recalled being filled with anxiety. She could neither sleep nor keep any food down. She remembers, “I was crushed and the news hit a lot harder than the first time. I was discouraged because I knew how painful recovery was before and I don’t know if my body can take another round of intensive cancer treatments.”

Despite the blow, Joanna was motivated by her desire to survive for her children's sake. Once again, she braved through the painful radio and chemotherapy. She recounted suffering from Pleural Effusion (fluid around the lungs) after chemotherapy and was in critical condition. 

“The love that we have for our kids is an all-out kind of love. You will find that your kid’s safety take priority over everything, even your own safety or comfort.” 

When asked how she displayed such strength, courage and resilience in the face of such adversity, Joanna said that when all hope is lost, she depended on God.
She knew that God was with her throughout her entire cancer journey. When she prayed to God to lead her to the right Oncologist, 7 different people directed her to the same Oncologist. And thankfully so, as he made a crucial medical decision to transition Joanna into Immunotherapy, which turned out to work better for her.
“I want others to know that low survival rate does not equate to a death sentence, so don’t lose hope. And as cheesy as it sounds, what I learnt through this experience is that, as a mum, the love we have for our children is so powerful that it gives you immense strength to defy all odds.” 
Joanna Goy in Éclat by Oui My Heart Rhodonite Collection
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Audrey Tan

Mother of 4, parenting influencer @audtanAudrey Tan and her 4 children
Audrey’s eldest daughter Kayla, was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour (a rare kidney cancer which affects mostly children) at 4 years old. Thankfully, Kayla is now in remission after going through almost a year of treatment and surgery. However, Audrey recalls that caring for Kayla through chemotherapy, surgery, and hospitalisation was one of the biggest challenges she had to face.
Audrey found out that Kayla had Wilms Tumour while she was pregnant with Thaddeus and when Tiffany was just 3 years old. Audrey shared that pregnancies have always been difficult for her as she experiences severe morning sickness. Despite the physical exhaustion from her pregnancy, Audrey dedicated herself to caring for Kayla 24/7 during that period. 

”Since her recovery, I have made a conscious effort to dedicate more time for my children and will support them in any way I possibly can for their future. We have grown so much closer as a family battling this together… we’ve built a much stronger bond, and they are truly my best friends.” 

When asked how she balances selfless giving with setting healthy boundaries for her own well-being, Audrey shared that knowing how much you can take on is crucial.

“I feel like everyone is different, so just commit to what you can during that season in your life and try to accept help for things that you know will bring you a lot of grief if you take it on. Maybe you can discuss with your spouse or family how to split the responsibilities for your child as there are only so many things a parent can do for their child, not everyone can take everything on themselves!” Audrey

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Ethel Neo

Mother of 2, founder of Éclat by Oui and CHU Collagen
Ethel Neo and her 2 sons

Being a working mother means constantly juggling between the demands of work and the needs of your children. These mums wake up early, stay up late, and work tirelessly, all the while managing the responsibilities of motherhood. Our founder, Ethel, is no stranger to this.

Ethel shares that when her eldest son was born, she thought it was selfish if she didn't sacrifice her career to be a full-time mum. "I wanted to be that perfect mum, and be there with Flynn for every little milestone" she recalls. However, 6 months into caring for her elder son herself left her unhappy. She felt that she lost her identity. 

Eventually, she returned to work and realised that working and parenting gave her a sense of self. Ethel reveals that at times, mum-guilt still creeps in and time blocking has helped to balance her role as a boss and mother. 

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