My Heart Collection

My Heart Collection

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Presenting Éclat by Oui’s First Elemental Jewellery Line

 In the month of May, Éclat by Oui wants to celebrate mothers or motherly figures in our lives. When we look into their eyes, we are reminded of a beautiful heart. Their love is often gentle yet powerful, quiet yet loud, unrelenting yet yielding, unassuming yet demanding.

Drawing inspiration from a Mother's love, we combined heart motifs and Rhodonite to capture the spirit of love and gentleness. Allured by nature's labour of love, our design process centred around natural Rhodonite. Often associated with love and tenderness, these delicate pink stones are praised for its gentle healing properties. 

"I wanted each design from our first elemental collection to be a declaration of love and gentleness." Ethel, founder

 As admirers of nature, our artisans seek to honour and cultivate the art of lapidary by exploring various setting techniques to bring out its energy. 


Rhodonite Crystal

Commonly referred to as a the stone of compassion, Rhodonite is a crystal praised for its ability to fill the one embodying it with feelings of love, affection and connection.

Named after the Greek Rhodon, meaning “rose”, this delicate pink stone was a favourite of the Russian Czars and nobles, and a popular gift at royal weddings. It is a silicate of manganese that measures 5 or 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.


An ideal combination of heart motifs and precious stones – two elements chosen to capture the spirit of love and passion – My Heart collection offers an assortment of creations which embodies Éclat’s commitment to the timeless beauty of a compassionate heart.

In this Rhodonite series, the stone’s delicate pink hue is accentuated with the gentle sheen of smooth 18K White or Rose Gold. In some designs, the stone is nestled in a heart-shaped halo lined with bezel-set pave stones to add further sparkle and reflect the light. 

Éclat by Oui My Heart Rhodonite Collection

The My Heart collection playfully alternates a large coloured heart with a smaller clear diamond simulant heart, echoing the idea that a truly beautiful heart sees the value in others.

 The Rhodonite series is a 5-piece capsule collection and is the first of Éclat’s elemental jewellery line. Delicate heart motifs adorn rings, bracelets, ear studs and pendants in gleaming 18K White Gold and 18K Rose Gold. 

The My Heart collection will be available online and in-store from Monday, 1 May 2023.

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