Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui

Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui

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Introducing our latest bridal collaboration with Tricia Ong (@vaingloriousyou). For those who do not know, Tricia Ong is both a local influencer and a successful luxury realtor. Tricia, who has been wearing our jewellery since 2017, embodies the Éclat woman with her feminine, independent and elegant demeanour. 

"Femininity and softness are vital aspects of Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui, I wanted the jewellery to evoke a sense of delicacy and gentleness." - Tricia Ong

Like how our founder, Ethel, puts it "When collaborating with influencers, we seek people with the same ethos as Éclat. We look at their personality and lifestyle and the more I got to know Tricia, the more I knew that one day we had to work together." This opportunity arose when Tricia got engaged to the love of her life, Angus Lim last year.

To commemorate and celebrate Tricia and Angus's upcoming nuptials next month, we wanted to create an unforgettable experience for the couple. We engaged an acclaimed Parisian bridal photographer, Amandine Ropars, to capture this special moment of their lives. The campaign imagery, shot in the Eiffel Tower and Jardin du Luxembourg, perfectly encapsulates Éclat. 

After months of revisions and working on the campaign, our team is thrilled to unveil the bridal portraits taken for Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui.

"Craftsmanship is something both Ethel and I care deeply about. It is important that the jewellery are durable so I could wear these pieces beyond my wedding."

"Taking our bridal portraits at the Eiffel Tower was dreamy and beautiful. Le Jardin du Luxembourg, though, caught me by surprise. The gardens, influenced by Italian Baroque, was extremely romantic. The splendour and architecture of the palace were absolutely enchanting."

The Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui collection will be available online and in store from Thursday, 27 October 2022, 1100 till Thursday, 10 November, 2359

Tricia Ong X Éclat by Oui Collection: Click here

Tricia Ong's favourites from Éclat by Oui Classic Collection: Click here

Influencer: @vaingloriousyou (Tricia Ong)
Jewellery: Éclat by Oui
Gown: The Ivory
Make Up Artist: Charlene Yu Make Up 

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