Ring Size

If you do not know your Ring Size, you may follow some suggestions listed below.


Go to a Jewellery Store (or our physical Store)

Get your ring sized (in US size) by any jewellery store for free in person. This is the most reliable method and will ensure that your rings arrive as the perfect fit. Remember to get the US size.


Use the Inner Diameter of Your Existing Ring

Step 1: To find out your ring size, take a ruler and measure it with the largest inner diameter of your ring. 

Step 2: Using the table below, match the diameter of the ring to your ring size. If your ring size is in between sizes, choose the one nearer to your measurement. For example, if the inner diameter of the ring is 1.6cm, it is between size US 5 and US 5.5. Since 1.6cm is closer to 1.61cm, pick US 5.5.


Purchase a Ring Sizer

Alternatively, if you have a Singapore mailing address, you can purchase a Ring Sizer for a nominal fee of $1.50 SGD by clicking here.
For international customers who would like to order the Ring Sizer, please email us and we will advise the shipping cost.

The Ring Sizer will be more accurate than measuring on your own as there are many variables that may affect the accuracy of your reading.