KNOT Alone this Valentine’s

KNOT Alone this Valentine’s

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Introducing Éclat by Oui’s Valentine’s Day Collection 2023.

Our founder, Ethel, and her best friend, Lisa

Ethel, founder of Éclat by Oui with her best friend.

Ethel met Lisa when they were 9 years old. They clicked instantly from their first conversation and being next-door neighbours, they spent a huge part of their childhood doing everything together. Ethel’s bubbly personality complimented Lisa’s outgoing personality. Being the more venturous one, Lisa draws the adventurous side out of Ethel. And for Lisa, Ethel draws the more feminine side out of Lisa.

“Ethel is someone with a big heart. She is full of love and knows how to bring out the best in people” – Lisa

Lisa, Ethel's best friend

Lisa wears the KNOT Alone Ear Studs (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones, KNOT Alone Necklace (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones, KNOT Alone Bangle (Rose Gold), KNOT Alone Bangle (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones.

Like many adolescent girls, our founder Ethel and her best friend used to exchange handmade friendship bracelets. They made it a rule to keep their bracelets on at all times as a testament to their friendship. And rightly so, as it honours the hard work and effort that went into making the bracelet.

“Lisa is as steady as a rock, you know she will be there in times of need. I cannot imagine life without her.” - Ethel

Having being friends for over 20 years now, they have never drifted apart. Even during the 4 years Ethel was abroad, they remained close and confided in each other. Both Lisa and Ethel attribute their close friendship to making the effort to be a part of each other’s lives.

“We celebrate each other's milestones and achievement. It is hard to find someone who is genuinely happy and proud of who you are. If you've found that person, don't let them go!" - Ethel


Created to celebrate tradition, and also the originality, strength and gentleness in modern day women, each piece is defined by a distinct knot which represents a powerful connection that cannot be easily broken, while the curves of the loops add a delicate suppleness to the precious metal.

In some pieces, the subtle yellow/ rose gold hues are sharpened by scintillating pavé stones precisely set to ensure a brilliant refraction of light. 

Without any clasp, our bangles can be gently squeezed to hug your wrist perfectly.  

Ethel, Founder of Éclat by Oui

Ethel wears the KNOT Alone Ear Studs (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones, KNOT Alone Necklace (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones, KNOT Alone Bangle (Rose Gold), KNOT Alone Bangle (Rose Gold) with Pave Stones.

Ethel wanted the collection to stay true to the simplicity of its inspiration – the hand-woven friendship bracelet – while incorporating a modern urban sensibility.

Focused on highlighting the aesthetic of reinterpreted macramé, the result was a seamless loop of gleaming gold with a tapered silhouette that can be worn everyday.

“We were going for sensual shapes and simple, fluid silhouettes. We paid much attention to ensure that the thickness of the bangle was just right and tapered the ends for a touch of femininity.” - Ethel

KNOT Alone Bangles

The KNOT Alone collection is a 8-piece capsule collection that includes bangles, ear studs and a necklace. Its finishings include: plated 18K Yellow Gold, plated 18K Rose Gold, solid 14K Yellow Gold and solid 14K Rose Gold.

KNOT Alone Collection
KNOT Alone Ear Studs

The KNOT Alone collection will be available online and in-store from Monday, 06 February 2023, 1100 till Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 2359

The KNOT Alone collection: Click here

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