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3 Ways To Care For Your Jewellery

Posted by Ethel Neo on

3 Ways To Care For Your Jewellery - Eclat by Oui Blog

The jewellery you own is a precious and significant part of your life. It resonates with you as a person and signifies key moments in your life. Therefore, it is important that you care for your jewellery the way you would any other treasure. However, sending jewellery to be professionally cleaned can be an expensive and inconvenient affair not many can indulge in. While professional cleaning may be inevitable for old and beloved jewellery, it is possible to prolong the period between each clean by properly caring for your jewellery. Furthermore, there are plenty inexpensive ways you can care for your jewellery in the comfort of your own home. Caring for your jewellery on a daily basis will ensure that they maintain their initial sparkle for years to come. Here are three easy ways you can care for your jewellery. 

1. Keep your Jewellery Separately

Each gemstone is different in structure, making them susceptible to damage by neighbouring jewellery. Storing all your jewellery in a solo compartment or box can lead to the different gemstones scratching or knocking one another, tainting the flawless surface of the stones. Therefore, it is important that you have a jewellery box with several compartments to place differing gemstones in. It’s best if you are able to allocate a single piece of jewellery to a compartment, ensuring that the body of the jewellery is not at risk of damage by other pieces. However, if you must pool jewellery of a particular gemstone together it is important to ensure all jewellery fastenings are closed to avoid them catching or tangling. In addition, precious metals such as gold or silver should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or cotton to protect them from moisture and dust. This is applicable for other precious metals or items of your choice. 

2. Wear it with Care

The key to maintaining your jewellery is to wear it with care. It is easy to damage your jewellery through your normal daily routine. The chemicals in hairspray, perfume, deodorant or makeup can easily affect the integrity of your jewellery. Therefore, it is important to follow the golden rule of wearing your jewellery after you are ready. It is also important to know when to take off your jewellery. Taking off your earrings while styling your hair will ensure that your jewellery is not exposed to high heats. It is also necessary to take your jewellery off when you’re engaging in rough activity such as manual work or sports to avoid damaging them. 

3. Gentle Cleaning

While diamond simulants may look just like diamonds to the naked eye, they’re structurally not as hard. Subsequently, they require more frequent and careful cleaning (once every 2 to 3 months).  When embarking to clean your jewellery at home, use a soft brush and gently clear away dirt accumulation with warm, soapy water. Ensure that you rinse your jewellery under warm water to prevent soap scum from building up. Then take a soft cloth and softly pat it dry. It is important to steer clear from paper towels or tissue paper when drying your jewellery as these items have fibres that can scratch precious metals and jewels. 

At Eclat by Oui we provide you with exquisite jewellery adorned with the finest diamond simulants. Once it leaves our chambers it is your task to cherish and look after it to ensure its longevity. Jewellery is a fine reflector of the love and care you show it, if you follow these three easy tips your jewellery is guaranteed to maintain its sparkle. With that said, we also understand that it may be time-consuming for some to clean their jewellery. In light of that and to provide value-added service to our customers, we provide complimentary lifetime cleaning and re-polishing for all our jewellery. Click here for more details.

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