How to buy jewellery online - Eclat by Oui

How to Buy Jewellery Online

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How to buy jewellery online - Eclat by Oui

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we've changed the way we shop. When Singapore jewellery shops closed during the circuit breaker in 2020, many of us had to turn online to purchase a coveted accessory or jewellery item.

Important milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays and engagements will still march on with or without a pandemic, and many prefer to mark them with a piece of jewellery. Even though shops have reopened, the habit of shopping online has taken hold due to its ubiquity and convenience. But how does one effectively buy jewellery online? How do we get what we want in the right size, style and at the right price?

Follow these tips to take the guesswork out of buying jewellery online.

    1. Buy simulated instead of genuine gemstones

    Usually, when buying genuine gemstones, one needs to shop around and shop smart with a trustworthy jeweller who will charge a fair price for authentic goods. However, the fear and risk of paying the wrong price for a gemstone is eliminated when you're buying a simulated diamond.

    Éclat by Oui's stones are made of the highest grade diamond simulant and are manufactured with exquisite workmanship in Hong Kong. They resemble naturally-mined diamonds closely as each stone is hand cut and polished to a standard befitting to its quality.

    A huge plus point of buying a simulated diamond is the affordability. A piece of simulant diamond jewellery would cost only a fraction of the budget one usually sets aside for a mined diamond.

    2. Find an online jeweller who offers after-sales service

    If a melee diamond (a smaller diamond usually accenting a larger diamond in a piece of jewellery) falls off, you will want the jeweller to replace it. If you got the wrong size, you will want the jeweller to help with resizing. Of course, you’d prefer if these didn’t cost an arm and a leg, right?

    Éclat by Oui offers thoughtful after-sales service in the form of a six-month limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty. The six-month limited warranty covers all repair costs due to manufacturing defects, inclusive of labour and parts, at no extra charge to the customer. Customers residing in Singapore and Malaysia only need to pay for one-way postage to Éclat by Oui; international customers pay two-way postage.

    The lifetime warranty repairs any damage to the jewellery for a flat service fee of SGD $50, not including postage.

    3. Request for a ring sizer from the vendor

    A successful wedding proposal could be marred by the wrong-sized ring. To get the right sizing for rings, take a pro tip: obtain a ring sizer from the vendor. Éclat by Oui has a ring sizing chart where you can match the internal diameter of an existing ring to the chart. However, for better accuracy, you can simply buy a ring sizer for a nominal fee of S$1.30 and have it mailed to your home. When using the ring sizer, be sure to measure the diameter of the wearer’s thickest knuckle on the ring finger instead of the most bony and slim part where the ring usually rests. Otherwise, this commonly-made rookie mistake will result in the wearer not being to slip on or take off the ring.

    Éclat by Oui also has a pop-up store located in 313@Somerset if you’re able to be present for a ring fitting.

    But just in case you made a mistake in your purchase, Éclat by Oui offers a one-time complimentary resizing service. All you need is to e-mail them within 14 days of receiving your merchandise. You will be given resizing instructions and a return address.

    4. How to choose jewellery style

    Necklines, face shape, lifestyle, and the event the piece is meant to commemorate or be worn to will determine which jewellery style suits the wearer best.

    For example, if the wearer's occupation involves a lot of hands-on work, go for rings which sport a sturdy, clean design without lots of melee diamonds.

    Drop earrings are great for a special occasion and are spectacular when paired with a simple neckline. Simple studs, while conservative, are perfect for everyday wear and look classic no matter the outfit.

    If you’re getting a necklace, a dainty, classic necklace with a single-stone pendant would complement – not distract attention from – an elaborate gown. According to an article on jewellery etiquette; select one statement piece and downplay the rest of your jewellery. Your jewellery should accessorise, and not overwhelm your outfit.

    It's great to be able to buy quality jewellery online and one can be sure you're in safe hands with Éclat by Oui. The collection on the website features a wide selection of evergreen classics and modern designs that you are sure to find the right piece.

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