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Why Choose Diamond Simulants from Éclat by Oui?

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You might have known diamond simulants as the beloved alternative to natural diamonds, but do you know what these stones really are? We’ll tell you what Éclat by Oui’s diamond simulants are made of and how they compare to real diamonds.

Diamond Simulants - Eclat by Oui
Diamond Simulants are lab-cultivated stones which have a different chemical structure than that of a natural, carbon diamond. Therefore, it is important to recognise that they do not share the same chemical characteristics. At Éclat by Oui, our diamond simulants are made of the highest grade of cubic zirconia - the purest crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. While it performs differently from carbon diamonds, its affordability, durability and impressive visual likeness to a real diamond, has made cubic zirconia a paramount competitor to natural diamonds.

1. Optics and colour

When it comes to choosing a diamond, colour and clarity are critical indicators of a diamond’s value. As with all things in nature, no diamond is perfect. All naturally mined diamonds have internal flaws, called inclusions, and external irregularities, called blemishes. Clarity is the relative absence of such flaws. Natural diamonds with little inclusions and blemishes are extremely rare, and therefore cost a fortune. As Éclat by Oui’s diamond simulants are made in lab-controlled environments, we are able to create a perfect stone every, single time.

Besides clarity, the value of a diamond is also largely determined by the colour of the stone. Colourless stones are highly valuable because of their beauty and rarity. The less colour they have, the more precious they are. Since our stones are lab-made, we are able to control the colour of our stones to a large extent. The GIA grades diamonds on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (yellow). At Éclat by Oui, all our lab-made stones have a stunning colourless appearance, falling under the top GIA scale of D - F.

GIA Colour Scale

GIA Colour Scale

Diamonds also occur in an array of colours such as yellow, pink, blue, green and purple, just to name a few. Coloured diamonds are extremely rare, making up less than 0.1% of naturally mined diamonds. Needless to say, a coloured diamond can cost significantly more than a standard colourless diamond. At Éclat by Oui, we believe that you do not have to compromise on quality even if you are on a budget. We provide lab-coloured diamond simulants that come in a beautiful assortment of colours including pink, yellow and blue, at a fraction of the price. As with every stone we work with, it is carefully handcrafted and polished to a standard befitting to its quality.

This gives you various options for your fashion statement in the form of diamond simulants rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

    2. Durability and density

      A real carbon diamond, it goes without saying, is extremely durable. They are famously known as the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, holding a perfect ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Although not as hard, Éclat by Oui’s diamond simulants offers a close match with a ranking of 8.5. Its hardness is similar to natural sapphires and rubies and an excellent jewelry choice for everyday wear. However, as with all diamond simulants, our stones may get cloudy overtime and after prolonged use. This can be easily solved with regular cleaning and care for our stones. Éclat by Oui provides care guides and polishing services to help our customers refresh their stones and keep them sparkling.

      Selecting Diamond Simulants - Eclat by Oui

      Density is an important quality to evaluate as diamonds are sold by the carat (weight of the stone).

      As the carat increases, the value of the diamond exponentially increases. This is due to the rarity of large diamonds. A very small percentage of mined stones are large enough to be made into a 1 carat diamond, let alone a 3 carat one. Since our stones are man-made, our customers will not experience the same surge in price when going up in carat sizes.

      How do our diamond simulants differ in their density to real diamonds?

      Cubic zirconia, the component that makes up Éclat by Oui’s diamonds, has a higher density than natural diamonds, making it heavier than diamonds. Therefore, a diamond and cubic zirconia of the same size will not be of the same carat. To put it simply, a 1 carat of cubic zirconia will be slightly smaller than a 1 carat diamond. Unless a recipient’s heart is set on a specific diamond size, this may not be the most important criteria when choosing a diamond. That is why, for easy reference and communication, we use the term “carat-equivalent” to denote our stone sizes.

      Bottom line is to know thy heart. If you love to wear jewelry as an everyday fashion statement, diamond simulants are your best friend. You can easily build up your own collection of jewelry with our guilt-free prices. Choose from our extensive range of cuts, carat-equivalent sizes, colours and setting styles. If you travel frequently, diamond simulants are strongly advisable as they are worry-free and you don’t have to be troubled by the thought of having your expensive diamonds being lost or stolen.

      At Éclat by Oui, each diamond simulant is made to resemble the colour and clarity of a flawless natural diamond. Every stone is meticulously cut and polished to showcase the brilliance of naturally mined diamonds. With proper care and regular cleaning, our diamond simulants will hold their sparkle for an extensively long time. We are passionately dedicated to producing the most luxurious diamond simulants in the market.

      View our latest range of diamond simulant jewellery.

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