Why women are going Crazy over Éclat by Oui’s Diamond Simulants

Why women are going Crazy over Éclat by Oui’s Diamond Simulants

Posted by Ethel Neo on

The age-old saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ comes to mind whenever we think of fine jewellery. However, when diamonds are unethically sourced and exorbitantly priced, diamond simulants become a girl’s best friend. While naturally-mined diamonds have dominated the fine-jewellery market, the modern woman knows that diamond simulants provide superior jewellery at a rare price. Fine-jewellery denotes luxury, elegance and class; it is not confined to specific materials such as diamonds. Even the celebrities we focus on, adorn themselves in diamond simulants for red carpet events as they possess qualities akin to those of diamonds. At Eclat by Oui, we encourage our clients to indulge in our range of diamond simulants that are indistinguishable from naturally-mined diamonds. Our diamond simulants are hand-crafted by the experienced hands of highly skilled craftsmen. To emulate the brilliance of diamonds, our stones are carefully crafted to reflect the surface of natural diamonds and are optically indifferent.

Diamond simulants are capturing the interests and hearts of women all around; it emulates the luxurious qualities of natural diamonds while negating the flaws. Diamonds which are colourless, crystal clear and shimmer in the light are rare and expensive. The most fiscally-accessible diamonds tend to be tainted yellow, clouded and dull in the light. Our diamond simulants, on the other hand, have colourless presence, a quality that awards them the highest grade on the Diamond Colour Scale. When placed beside a real diamond, our simulants possess a whiter shine and greater sparkle when held to the light. At Eclat by Oui, we only provide clients with diamond simulants that emulate the aspects of the highest quality diamond.

When purchasing fine jewellery, we want a piece that reflects who we are. Diamond simulants reflect the empathetic and gentle nature of women, it reflects that the modern women prioritise stones which are ethically sourced over the glamour of diamonds. The allure of diamonds have been sourced at the expense of lives, encouraged human rights violations and funded insurgencies. Diamond simulants are ethically made and cut to the same specifications as diamonds. We believe that fine jewellery should be a guilt free indulgence and diamond simulants provide equally luxurious jewellery without the social cost.

It’s no secret that Diamond simulants are modestly priced in comparison to natural diamonds. However, diamond simulants set in the finest materials still radiate the same luxurious and elegant tone of fine jewellery; all at wallet-friendly prices. At Eclat by Oui, our ring bands are created with 925 Silver triple plated with 950 Platinum. Ring bands made of 18k white gold and 950 Platinum may also be arranged upon request, subject to availability. When buying diamond simulants, you are making a financially conscious choice without the limitations; Eclat by Oui ensures all our simulants achieve the highest possible grade on the Diamond scale. All our stones are hand-cut and polished to sheer brilliance by our dedicated team. While diamonds remain the most indestructible stone, our diamond simulants share the same harness of natural ruby or sapphire ensuring that they do not chip during daily wear.

At Eclat by Oui, we provide an exquisite collection of diamond simulants that are indistinguishable from natural diamonds, even to the most experienced jewellers. We invite you to peruse our collection of fine jewellery and fall in love with the pieces we have to offer.

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