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The history of The Iconic Tennis Bracelet

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History of the Tennis Bracelet - Eclat by Oui Blog

The Tennis Bracelet is a style of bracelet we are all too familiar with. It presents as a symbol of elegance and class. It is a single, delicately crafted line of stones encircling the wrist. Simple yet glamorous. It’s a staple of the jewellery world, with most brands carrying at least one variation of it. The delicate piece is worn historically by those with an uninhibited spirit, unafraid to get their hands dirty or scrape their knees. A durable piece of jewellery for the free spirited.

The tale of the Tennis Bracelet begins in the 1987 U.S Open, during an intense tennis match starring Chris Evert. While this style’s popularity has been dated back to the Gatsby era, it only stepped into its known name when the athletic blonde beauty was in the middle of her tennis match. Prior to this, it was known as an Eternity Bracelet. The 18-Time Grand Slam champion, known as the most stylish woman in sport, wrote her place into the jewellery’s history when the sheer force of her swing sent the Tennis Bracelet soaring off her wrist. The tennis match was forced to come to an unprecedented stand-still as Evert’s requested a search for her signature jewellery. The spectacle that followed cemented the Tennis Bracelet’s name and place in history, with fans from all around the world requesting a Tennis Bracelet on their Christmas wish list that year.

While the Tennis Bracelet is well suited to anyone enticed by its historical background and refreshingly simple appearance, it is even more of a gift to those physically inclined. It most benefits those with an active lifestyle as often they are restricted from wearing bangles or heavy jewellery. Instead, the Tennis Bracelet is a lightweight and flexible piece, making it less likely to snag or break during sport such as tennis. To ensure that your tennis bracelet stays in place during vigorous activity, it is best to choose a tennis a bracelet with a clasp. This way you are bound to avoid a Chris Evert mishap and instead dominate the sport field in style. At Eclat by Oui, we have taken the time to carefully design and handcraft our Tennis Bracelet which reflects and stays true to its rich history. The timeless classic is adorned with glimmering 0.1CT equivalent round diamond simulants set in place by 4 prongs and finished with a luxurious white gold; a never ending circle of elegance. We also offer a scale of sizes from a small (wrist of 15 cm) to an extra-large (wrist of 18cm) in order to accommodate all customers.

Tennis Bracelets continue to remain relevant in the jewellery world. It’s an elegant piece that goes unnoticed by no one and can be worn by variety of people. At Eclat by Oui, we’ve pooled our resources together to create one Tennis Bracelet to preside over them all. Ensuring that our clients can stay guilt free in style. Take the time to see the stunning and iconic Eclat by Oui’s Tennis bracelet, we’re certain you’ll find it every bit as enticing as Chris Evert’s lost one.

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