Why You Should Invest In Good Diamond Simulants - Eclat by Oui Blog

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Good Diamond Simulants

Posted by Dionne Ong on

Why You Should Invest In Good Diamond Simulants - Eclat by Oui Blog

When it comes to diamond simulants, there’s a common misconception that all available products provide the same qualities. It is easy to believe that all diamond simulants are made equally, the only difference being the price tag. However, the creation of fine jewellery with the centrepiece of a carefully created diamond simulant is a skilled art. More often than not, cheap diamond simulants involve flimsy material which break at the slightest pressure. Investing in high quality diamond simulant jewellery over cheap, breakable jewellery is the most economically strategic thing to do. Here are three reasons why you should invest in good quality diamond simulants, such as the ones we provide at Eclat by Oui.

1. Quality

Similar to diamonds, diamond simulants can be graded upon its own scale. When you invest in good diamond simulants, you are ensured the best quality. A good diamond simulant will be optically indifferent to a diamond, presenting to its owner a satisfaction of the coveted 4 C’s; cut, clarity, colour and carat. Most low-end jewellery stores will sell items made from the cheapest material, while these may look good in the first few wears… The integrity of the diamond simulants and its materials will quickly deteriorate upon gentle wear and tear.

2. Treat Yourself or loved ones

Treating yourself to fine jewellery doesn’t always have to break your savings accounts. A good quality diamond simulant set in fine material will only set you back a few hundred dollars. At Éclat by Oui, we’ve carefully curated a collection of high quality jewellery at a modest price; allowing you to treat yourself or your loved ones, guilt-free. Our gorgeous Calista is a delicate heart shaped ring ranging between 1-3ct.  It is the perfect anniversary present or promise ring. Our glamourous Round Halo Earrings is the perfect gift to indulge yourself in or spoil your friends with. Commemorating special moments and signifying them with a delicate piece of jewellery is made possible to all with the quality diamond simulants we provide at Éclat by Oui.

3. Cost per Wear

Indulging in good quality diamond simulants becomes more logical when you think ahead. While the price tag of a couple hundred dollars maybe seem exorbitant at first glance, understanding that the quality of the jewellery will allow years of wear without the compromise of appearance will justify the cost. Low-end jewellery store will provide customers with jewellery that won’t last the test of time; often falling apart, rusting or wearing in appearance within a few months. At Éclat by Oui, we trust the quality of products will last a lifetime with good care. This is why we are able to provide our customers with a life time limited warranty. Simple math will reveal that wearing one of our jewellery for a year or two will negate its cost. 

High quality jewellery is not identifiable by its price, though that is a good indicator at times. Instead, it is identified through its craftsmanship and its journey through the test of time. Éclat by Oui provides clients with quality diamond simulants at a wallet-friendly price.  Take a peek at the collections we have to offer, which includes rings, bands, earrings, ear studs, necklaces and bracelets.  We trust that once you’ve invested in our jewellery you’ll never feel the need to return to low quality diamond simulants or natural diamonds.

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