About Us | Éclat by Oui (V1)

Our Story

Éclat by Oui first came about when our founder, Ethel Neo (@ethneo), lost her actual engagement ring while travelling. Traumatised and disappointed, she decided to look into a luxurious yet guilt-free diamond alternative. 

What was initially a personal quest very quickly turned into a passion project. Through encouragement from her family, friends, and husband, Ethel decided to launch her first jewellery line, Éclat by Oui, where "Éclat" means great brilliance and display in French.

When the neuroscience graduate is not designing jewelry, the mother of two enjoys traveling and binge-watching Netflix.


Our Inspirations

Inspired by the ageless spirit of modern femininity, Éclat by Oui is dedicated to the strong, the modern and the beautiful.

Jennifer Ring Sketch - Eclat by Oui

Craftsman at Work - Eclat by Oui

 Our team devotes each piece to exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable quality. Every Éclat by Oui piece is an artwork. We are absolutely obsessed with delivering unrivalled quality in the realm of simulated diamonds.

Setting the diamond simulant stone - Eclat by Oui

Éclat by Oui's stones are made of the highest grade diamond simulants and are meticulously handcrafted in Hong Kong. It resembles very closely to a naturally mined diamond as each of our stones are hand cut and polished to a standard befitting to its quality.

We are confident that you will love our stones.

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