Cloud Puffᵀᴹ | Ft. Amanda Leong

Set against the backdrop of soft, golden sunlight scintillating down on a multi-hued earth; we celebrate the ethereal glow found in the natural world. 
Inspired by the dynamic fluidity of clouds and the celestial power of the sun, we invite you to explore Cloud Puffᵀᴹ Collection. The clouds’ ever-changing shift between forms and the magical blend of colours that fill the sky as it transitions, symbolises the endless possibilities that come with each new horizon.
Cloud Puff Amanda Leong Eclat by Oui

The Cloud Puffᵀᴹ Campaign was captured amongst the majestic landscape of Stockton Sand Dunes – the largest moving coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere with some dunes reaching heights of up to 40 meters.

Holding great cultural and spiritual significance, Stockton Sand Dunes have been occupied and preserved by the Worimi people for more than 100,000 years.

Stretching over 32 kilometers, the dunes are home to over 168 flora and fauna species. A constantly evolving masterpiece, the landscape of the dunes was formed from sand deposited by ancient rivers, with the first layer laid 2.5 million years ago.

The celestial beauty of nature and ethereal charm of clouds is where we are taken for the campaign. Featuring former beauty queen and lifestyle influencer, Amanda Leong (@missamandaleong), the campaign transports us to a golden age; an idyllic time of endless possibilities.

Captured by Sydney-based director, Shayben Moussa, whose works were featured in Vogue Brides, the campaign film offers a refreshing vision of beauty in a perfect blend of fashion and portraiture. The campaign portraits taken by esteemed local photographer, Joe Teng amplifies Amanda's charisma and elegance with a play of natural light and shadow.

"I have been to Stockton Sand Dunes a couple of times and each visit offers a different perspective. Its vastness and beauty is mesmerising, I just had to shoot the campaign here." - Ethel Neo, Founder

Through this collaboration, Amanda injects another facet of the modern and feminine woman of Éclat: that of a solar and powerful woman who stands out from the crowd and is comfortable in her own skin. With an aesthetic that is fresh to Éclat by Oui, Amanda promotes the trend of neo-stacking jewellery pieces, inviting you to express yourself and create your own look.

Cloud Puff Collection Amanda Leong Eclat by Oui

 “Whether you’re layering with diamonds or gold jewellery, the rule is to have a moment. Experiment with everything and explore sure-fire ways to make an impact.” - Amanda Leong

 Amanda has a hypnotic presence in front of the lens. With a single look, she captivates and you know you’re getting something iconic.

In a scene of rich contrast between volume, form and function, the Cloud Puffᵀᴹ Collection is created to be worn in layers – representative of the current trend towards “stacking” in jewellery. 

Through the vibrancy of gold, fluidity of shapes and an ergonomic comfort when worn, Éclat by Oui have worked this 12-piece collection into drops of light faithful to the ethereal charm and boundless inspiration of clouds.

 “Our team had a vision and Amanda delivered it flawlessly. She made the campaign come alive with her sensual and ultra-desirable qualities.” - Ethel Neo, Founder

"I love the artistry and quality in Éclat’s jewellery. Every Éclat by Oui piece I own is a meticulous blend of craftsmanship and durability." - Amanda Leong

Cloud Puff Amanda Leong Eclat by Oui
Cloud Puff Amanda Leong Eclat by Oui

Let the transformative power of clouds inspire you to find your silver lining and bring a touch of celestial beauty to your everyday life.

The Cloud Puffᵀᴹ Collection will be available online and in store from Wed, 22 May 2024, 1100 (GMT +8).

Influencer: Amanda Leong

Videographer: Shayben Moussa

Photographer: Joe Teng

Makeup Artist: Rainey Yeo Makeup

Gown: Versace